How we work

Successful agencies make happy clients

Our vision

“Mens sana in CORPORATE sano”

Virtuology’s strength lies in the balance between the independence of each company in the group and the natural synergy between all of its members. They share the same offices and the coffee machine is a gathering point around which every collaborator can share his or her thoughts with the other colleagues. During Group Team lunches and TGIF, the best practices in every business line enrich the related digital expertise.

The companies are geographically organized in hubs: each company has a joint office for which the support services are pooled. Currently there are seven hubs: Brussels, Paris, Barcelona, Luxembourg, Warsaw, Tangier, Antananarivo.





Our mission

All of the companies in the group have a common purpose and shared values. These are centered, as a priority, on the growth, both professional and personal, of the people in each company.

They also aim to help their clients grow through the transfer of skills. This allows them to use a shared vocabulary in designing their digital transformation strategy.

Support people’s growth


by the most excellent, solidary, joyful, respectful and honest people

Our Values

Developing a group of companies is not a finality in itself. The manner in which this development takes place is just as important as its financial outcome. The key is to have values that are adhered to on a daily basis.


Integrity is the cornerstone of trust. The management and collaborators must be transparent in the decisions they make and comply with the legal, ethical and moral framework in all circumstances. There can be no exception to this rule, either for minor decisions or for major ones.


Excellence must not be experienced as a constraint but rather as pride in giving our very best in everything we do. It is expressed both in business acumen and in personal conduct.


Solidarity creates a framework of mutual support and allows each individual to rely on others in order to be stronger together. Solidarity is the ability to assist those around us, but also to ask for help when we need it.


Respect is a cardinal value with several facets: keeping our word within the company, to the client and to our partners; respect in our relations with others, or respect for the environment. In all areas, we want to be worthy of the trust that is given to us.


Joy is an essential condition for professional fulfillment. To create a motivational work environment, we promote harmonious relations between collaborators and a relaxed approach to daily work.


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