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All Digital Marketing expertises under one roof

Media buying

  • Media & Creative Strategy
  • Media Management
  • Data Management
  • Digital Staffing & Trainings

Digital commerce

  • Amazon Sales Partner
  • Marketplace Sales Partner
  • Flash Sales Support
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Social Media Agency

  • Social Commerce
  • Influence Marketing
  • Social Media Management

Local Marketing

  • Presence Management
  • Local Ads
  • Review Management
  • Store Locator
  • Promotion Locator

MarTech Reseller

  • Technology Reseller
  • Programmatic
  • Consulting
  • Data Management
  • Web Analytics

Digital Talent Agency

  • Recruitment Services
  • Employer Branding
  • Talent Management
  • Trainings
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Digital Support Agency

  • Customer Care Services
  • Digital Back-office Management
  • Administrative Support

Saas Development

  • Saas expertise
  • IT project management
  • IT development

Nine fundamental digital marketing skills work together smoothly within independent, modular companies. The full skills set provides you with a 360° solution for all your digital needs. Each of the members in our ecosystem offers you high-quality services that can be activated on demand.


By joining Virtuology, MKKM is now part of a strong and accomplished group of agencies who are leading in their respective industries. This partnership provides us with the ability to strengthen our organization and expand our reach internationally. Side by side with Virtuology, MKKM will be able to maintain its commitment to delivering exceptional services to even the most demanding advertisers.

Mathieu Hosselet

I founded Skeelz with the ambitious goal that every company would be driven by the development of its human capital. In 2022, I realized it was time to turn this dream into reality. My company needed to adapt its model to better support growing businesses in the recruitment and development of their talent. That’s when I came across Virtuology. This group of entrepreneurs brings together the best experts in digital acceleration and transformation with a strong culture of “make people grow”. I immediately realized that this “marriage” was a perfect fit, as we shared a passion for entrepreneurship, a commitment to empowering people, and a sustainable business approach. This allowed my team and I to feel better equipped to grow our company and do what we love most: enable our clients and our team to reach their full potential.

Olivier Croce

The increasing complexity of Digital Marketing implies that advertisers are opting to use the services of several providers. Virtuology naturally predisposes us to work efficiently in multi-agency collaborations. Our strength lies in our ability to integrate the clients’ ecosystems. This modularity is unquestionably what enables us to bid in the most demanding tendering procedures with the digital skills of all of the member agencies in Virtuology.

Laurence Baeten

Sharing my baby with Virtuology International has certainly created some apprehensions. Today, almost a year later, I realize everything that they have brought me. A broader view of the business, credibility with my clients, support for structuring my company’s business processes and … a confidence that strengthens me in the choice I made! Today, I optimize my time to grow my structure with sustained support from the group. Finally, the synergy of the offers provided by the other entities in the group has enabled me to benefit from significant business potential.

Moise Denage

When it became obvious to me that I should test my ambitions as an entrepreneur, Virtuology trusted me and gave me the space to create Programmads on my own. This freedom to be able to meet a personal requirement in the context of a strict professional one and in a fast-growing market was one of the most stimulating challenges ever. Risk-taking was unavoidable. Virtuology allowed me to control all the stakes while making its network available to me.

Gaetan Godart

Be a part of our story

Our definition of success is a long-term one. We are convinced that good business leaders create great companies. That’s why we accompany them in their personal development.

Joining with Virtuology means you will benefit from natural market traction within a well-established ecosystem, one that is already known and growing fast. As a member, you can rely on support from the Virtuology network from one country to another.

You have the ambition; we have the framework. Contact us to get in on the adventure!

Be a team member

Every company in the group is fully convinced that collaborators are at the heart of a company. As soon as it is created, we are united by strong, shared values: integrity, solidarity, respect, excellence and joy. Within each company, these values are not just pretty words on a wall – we live them on a daily basis.

Your talent needs confidence to develop – we can help you build it!

In addition, we are always open to welcoming highly-motivated interns. We will make sure they get a fantastic first impression of corporate life.