A group of agencies specialized in digital marketing

Our ecosystem

Virtuology International is a group of agencies specialized in Digital Marketing. Its purpose is to bring together experts in all major fields of digital marketing under a single banner, yet each company in the group is independent and aspires to be the leader in its sphere of competence.

The companies are by definition modular and skilled in cooperation, with a DNA that is geared to easy collaboration with outside teams. The group makes its methodologies and tools available to facilitate seamless and efficient progress when several talents are bolstering the same project.





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The Virtuology Attitude

The Virtuology Attitude is the group’s operating credo. It describes our DNA and is summarized in 8 principles:

  • Collaborators are our priority
  • Clients are our friends
  • Share ownership is transparent
  • There is balance between the entities in the group
  • Communication is central to our cohabitation
  • Occupational health is primordial
  • Companies are diligently managed
  • Management culture is responsible

This is fully explained in a book and we would be delighted to send you a copy.

Our companies