The Virtuology life

A group of companies that is committed to its clients and its collaborators.

Virtuology Digital Week

The perfect mix of the latest trends, motivational speakers and exclusive sessions in the most sophisticated fields, Virtuology Digital Week is the Digital Marketing event you won’t want to miss. #VDWEEK

When technology becomes intelligible and the smart workshops are really possible, innovation gets real. Designed for those who define, drive and challenge tomorrow’s digital strategies, they will become key players in a digital world that is reinvented every day.

Virtuology Party

All of the companies in the Virtuology International Group lend great importance to inter-personal relations. Based on the balance between trust and a solid acquaintance with each other, what’s better than a memorable evening to get to know each other better?
We invite our clients, partners and collaborators to come chill with us and enjoy a drink (or two…) at our After-Ski and Summer Parties.

Virtuology Wineclub

What do you get when you bring together digital marketing experts, wine lovers and a thirst… for knowledge?

The Virtuology Wine Club! A wine tasting experience – with a professional oenologist – that will delight the palate of any self-respecting epicurean.

The perfect way to wind down after a long, hard day.

Lisbon Websummit

“The best technology conference on the planet”


“Where the future goes to be born”

The Atlantic

“A grand conclave of the tech
industry’s high priests.”

The New York Times

“Where the giants of the web assemble”

Wall Street Journal

4 days. 1200+ Speakers.
70,000+ Attendees. 160+ Countries …

It’s too great an opportunity to miss: when the technology world goes to Lisbon, the Virtuology delegation is an event within the event. Exclusive and accessible to C-levels only, we invite the representatives of the leaders in digital marketing (Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc.) to meet the leading advertisers in the country. Since learning is coded in our DNA and sharing is our second nature, being here for these four days is a must!